The Map

Use the map to enter your story.

You will need a Google account to add to the map. (Click “Sign In” in upper right corner). Use the “pin” symbol beneath the search bar to drop your pin at your location. Add a url to a photo, if you wish, and enter your story in the text box, with your name in the title (can be initials, if you wish).

Some guidelines:

  • Try to recreate as many details as you can for your experience at the marker you place on the map. Include whatever details you feel are important or significant, whether they were impressions, emotions, images you witnessed, sounds you heard, or interactions you had.
  • Try to be succinct and clear. Keep in mind that we want this to be a resource that will be a reflection of the experience of the bombings as it reverberated through the city, nation, and world. Write your story from your own perspective, not anyone else’s.
  • It’s okay if you can’t remember certain details. Historians know that memory is subjective, and we are trained to account for that. However, we do hope that the stories represent an individual’s true sense of what s/he experienced, even if there are discrepancies in memory. Be honest.
  • Above all else, please do not modify anyone else’s entries or move any of the markers. Be mindful that someone else’s experience may conflict with, contradict, or challenge yours. Be forgiving. Be respectful.
  • Remember that this is an experiment, and as such we have likely not anticipated all the issues that will arise with this project. Please be patient, and check back for future updates.

The Fine Print

1. Participants understand that the copy of the testimony becomes the property of the project, and will be available in its entirety to researchers and the public.
2. Participants give over all copyright, title, and interest in this material to the project.
3. As the goals of the project state, testimonies will be available for research, education, advertising, publications, and may be used in publications (printed or digital), or for another purpose.
4. Participants are to understand they will receive no remuneration or compensation for contributions or for the transference of rights to the project.